[News] DJ Diplo Talks About 2NE1 and Big Bang


American DJ, DJ Diplo talk about 2NE1 and Big Bang on his recent blog and shared the intsumental of GD & T.O.P’s Knock Out.


DJ Diplo:

“i went to seoul to DJ last year for the first time.. i dont even remember how I met any of the Kpop crew.. but some one i got in touch with someone.. i was a super fan of 2NE1.. those girls are killing it.. people dont know that Kpop sort of runs all of asia and now Japan is the main market for these artists.. but everyone of these guys have proper korean and english skills.. so my beat was for some kids in the Kpop crew.. One of the biggest groups is BIG BANG. the sort ot nkotb/jayz/mileycyrus and justin beiber all mixed into one act… GD and TOP are the main rappers that go in for verse 3 in every big bang song… but u can tell from GD and TOP.. they are rapper rappers.. not phony.. the have crazy flow they wear tiny pants on top of tanks talkin about Swag.. these are my favorite new rappers.. so i didnt realize they were a big deal. its just a beat i sent over a couple months back and then the youtube hit and got @mil views in 2 weeks.. kinda swag.. the styling is sooooo much better then US rap its really sad. anyway im moving to Korea now.


cr: gokpop


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