[NEWS] Taeyang (and Big Bang) In Times Magazine Volume 02

This is part of the Official VIP Japana Fanclub Newsletter. Along with photos of the members, there was also a small Q&A session. Here are Taeyang’s answers with rough English translation, thankfully he answered all the questions in English.

1. What do you do if you want a diversion?   DRIVE & SLEEP

2. Actually, I’m not good at this.   LOVE

3. In addition to being an artist, what job do you want to have?   DADDY

4. Please let us know your habit.   turn around the ring.

5. Favorite thing about yourself? (Appearance, personality, behavior, etc.)   FOREVER HAIR STYLE

6. Looking at this year and next year, what are your aspirations?   Let’s do IT Again .. I can do it better ..

Aww, he keeps mentioning how being a great dad is important to him. If he keeps hanging out with Jinusean’s Sean I have no doubt that he’ll be a great father. And it looks like he’s very devoted to his hairstyle. Personally, I’m hoping for a change with Big Bang’s comeback but base on that answer it looks like it wont happen. Oh well, I do like the mohawk.

To see all the scans, you can visit here.

cr: 작성일시 @ YBMANIA for Korean translations + toozdae08@alwaystaeyang + Big Bang Updates for photos


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