[ME2TWIT] Minzy Twitter Update

Minzy: 아 이를 어째~휴가하는동안에 성균관스캔들봤는데..헤어나오질못하게써 ㅠ그런데 나와 같은 사람 발견! 성은샘도 나랑 똑같은 패닉병~! ㅠ하지만치료법을 가르쳐주셨지 바로 2탄 책~!!당장 사서 읽을거야~!!ㅋ

Google Translate: Oh, Oh, my God ~ Vacation in the Center, during the scandal I’ve found people like me .. heeonaohjilmothagesseo ㅠgeureonde! Paenikbyeong same last name with me, Sam! Gareuchyeojusyeotji ㅠhajiman just two shots to cure book ~! buy now will read ~! ㅋ


~Is it a calligraphy? >.< I think she bought a new book. Is it the sungkyungkwan scandal book? Remember my student told me that the drama was just adapted from a book. ^^


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