YGE announced, “For the BIGSHOW which is going to be held from 25th to 27 next month, 40,000 people are going to watch it at the Olympic Stadium, but there were 1 million people rushing to reserve the tickets in the past 3 days.

On 18th, there were 250,000 people, while on 19th, there were 300,000 people and 450,000 people on the last day competing for the tickets fiercely.”

The spokesman further elaborated, “BIGBANG is popular in Japan and other Asian places. Domestic demand together with foreign market made the competition more fierce than their concerts held before.”

BIGBANG is gong to release their new album on 24th next month after a two-year break.

They will then have their comeback stage in the concert.

Currently, the members are having their solo activities. G-Dragon and TOP are promoting their Duet album and Seungri has also started his solo activities.

Source: Daum via teambigbang
Translate and Share: Rice@BigbangWORLD

—-> How i wish i get to see this…this is going to be one awesome concert.. ^^


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