[ME2TWIT] Seungri’s Conversation with Chow Chow

Update: 챠우챠우 : 승리형 저사람들은 왜저러고있는거야? 승리 : 내무대를보기위해 기다려주는사람들이야 챠우챠우 : 이렇게춥고이른시간인데? 승리 : 원래사랑하면다그래^^

Chow-chow: Bro, why are those people staying there?
Seungri: Those are the people waiting for me and my stage.
Chow-chow: In this cold weather and this early?
Seungri: That’s what we call love^^

Translations by christabel88 @ bigbangupdates + BIGBANG Facebook + dkpopnews
Source: viofbb @ me2day


One response

  1. Funny Seungri talking to his stuff toy chow chow…kyupta!!! Fighting maknae!!

    January 23, 2011 at 2:38 pm

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