“If you analyze my personality, I think I’m more like the serious type, not the bright and cheerful type. But when I read this movie’s scenario, I start to think since this story is about someone in his teens, shouldn’t he spent the time like the teens would do? Understanding the hurtful story, agony and emptiness because of war, I start to think how lucky we are to live in this time. I hope that my appearance will make the young generations interested in this film, I can share the happiness I felt with them and I also want to pass the message for them to ‘live with more passion’.”

“It’s hard to describe this with words, but I think it’s pretty similar with my sensitive side that I never shown to anyone. Moreover, Jangbeom is the type that always think and worry about everything, and he also write letters for his mother in his hometown. Because I always write what I feel down as a lyrics, I feel that Jangbeom’s personality is kind of similar with me. But because I didn’t live in the war era, I have to read a lot of materials about that era and also looked at the soldiers photo in order to understand Jangbeom’s state of mind. Of course I collect a lot of information for that, but I put a lot of efforts in the emotional parts so I can be closer to my role.”

“Of course I use make up to make my face looked darker, but because the color made using alcohol, it hurts when you applied it. Because we filmed it in winter, everyone’s going through a lot of hardships, not only physically but also mentally. At that time Bigbang was having a Japanese Tour, so at that time every day I keep switching back and forth from the cheerful concert stage to the harsh and cruel war scene. But because I had fallen for Jangbeom, I keep fearing when there will be an explosion, the lonely feeling because the separation with family, seems like those feelings still left inside me until now.”

“Because usually I only play with guy and when there’s a female actress I’ll be very shy, but now I already forget about that (smiled). Because the seniors always treating me nicely, every day we eat together or drinking together, of course it becomes a great memory. But since people there, including Sangwoo hyung already have their families, when I see them calling home for the first time I feel like I want to get married too. Not because I think I’m still unsettled now, but I think that to make your own family and settled down is a cool thing. I still enjoying my work now so I still don’t have plan to get married yet (laughs) but I think by having this kind of thought I already grow a bit.”

Source: 탑갤 | 비타민GD@bbvipz
Translated by: Winalicious@BBVIP.net
Magazine scanned by: verdad @ DCTOP


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