[NEWS] Jung Eun has died at age 15 of Leukemia

Last December, Big Bang and Jinusean’s Sean made a surprise visit to a young girl named Jung Eun, who was fighting for her life against leukemia. Jung Eun was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 15, and her one dream was to meet Big Bang’s Daesung in real life, which led her father to leave a message on a Big Bang fansite.

Sean immediately took notice of it, and he and the Big Bang members periodically visited the fan in the hospital. They even invited her to their concert in February, in the hopes that she’d be well enough to attend by then.

But on January 28th, Sean revealed that Jung Eun had passed away. The artist wrote through his Twitter: Jung Eun has left for Heaven.

“Because of her father’s love and the efforts of Big Bang’s fans, Jung Eun was able to receive the precious gift of spending time with the members of Big Bang before she left. Jung Eun herself gave us a gift in return, in which she raised awareness for children fighting leukemia.

” I’ve earned a lot of things from Jung Eun. Jung Eun was able to bring together the fans of Big Bang under one heart. Jung Eun became a great example of the power of social networking.

” Our country is the strongest IT nation in the world, and I’d like for us to think for once just what we choose to share through social networking. I think it’d great if this section of our lives helped realize someone’s dreams, gave hope, and shared love. While fighting leukemia, this internet space was what helped Jung Eun realize her dream of meeting Big Bang.” Netizens commented, “It would’ve been so great if she was able to attend their concert in February…,” “I hope she is happy in Heaven,” and “Rest in peace.”

– I don’t really know what to say… I hoped so much that she would be okay, and win over this sickness. And I felt so bad reading this, and still really can’t belive it, I really hoped this was a mis-translation like last time, but unfortunately I doubt that /= I’m happy that she got her dream, and met Big Bang..Daesung, and I hope her parents will get well after some time, so well that parents can be after something like this.
I hope she has it better where she is now.. I have such a bad feeling right now. Feel so sorry for all her friends and family.
Thanks to all the VIPs she got her wish before she died, that’s amazing.. let’s always keep the love between VIPs!! Rest in peace Jung Eun.. that’s really all I can say. ❤

(credits:Star News via Nate + allkpop)


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