[ME2TWIT] CL’s Current “Project”?

With the hardworking girls of 2NE1 on a much needed vacation to Paris, there’s been growing speculation that CL is working on a solo album. 2NE1 member Sandara Park recently took to her me2day to clarify just what the “baddest female Seoul city ever seen” is doing.

On January 31st, she updated her me2day page with the above picture and a quick message:

안녕하세요! 씨엘빠회장입니다~!(__) 꾸벅!ㅋ여러분들이 궁굼해하는 씨엘씨 소식알려드릴려구요! 씨엘씨는 요즘 귀여운 아기푸둥으로 숙소에서 활발히 활동중입니다. 잘지내고있어요^.^ㅋ 유휴~!!! 휘리릭~!”

Hello everyone! This is CL’s fan president ~! Yep! As a lot of you are wondering about CL, I wanted to give you an update! CL is happily busy being our baby chub in our dorm! She is doing very well! Yoo hoo ^.^~!!!

CL indeed looks radiant and adjusting to her newest “project” well. We hope that CL and the rest of the girls are getting a lot of R and R so that we can see them again on the stage very soon!

Source: Newsen via Nate

Credits: ms.poppop@allkpop


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