[VIDEO] Did G-Dragon, T.O.P and Seungri Ever Pick Up a Girl?

Recently Big Bang’s G-Dragon, T.O.P and Seungri guested on SBS’ Power Time Radio. They talked about various topics and were also asked if they ever picked up girls. Which one do you think did?

On the radio program, the bandmates, who are currently promoting as a unit and solo, had a really good time. They were joking around, teasing each other and just enjoying to be on the program.


When asked about picking up girls, they started teasing each other and didn’t give exactly any answer to the question. One comment of Seungri made everyone laugh out loud. He said, “When he [G-Dragon] likes a girl, he makes me [pick her up] for him.” Well, at the end it seemed like no one of the three ever courted a girl. Check out the subbed clip above for the “answer”!


If you want to laugh more, watch also the clip below in which the three Big Bang members imitate each other. Seungri starts off with imitating T.O.P and T.O.P responds to this by imitating Seungri’s fast talking with the help of G-Dragon. Have look at it!



One must say they imitate each other really well, don’t they?

Credits: gokpop


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