[NEWS] BIG BANG’s “Love & Pain” Tour Announced!

Following the end of Big Bang’s domestic activities, they will move on to Japan.

Starting on February 25th all the way to February 27th thousands of fans will come together for Big Bang’s “BIG SHOW 2011″ being held at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. Then coming May Big Bang will have a tour in Japan.

Big Bang’s Japan Tour 2011 titled “Love & Pain Tour” will officially begin on May 10th to the 11th they will visit Osaka, May 13th-15th they will visit Makuhari Messe and from May 17th to the 18th they will stop at Nagoya. A total of seven performances that will mobilize around 90,000 fans.

For this “Love & Pain” tour which has already amounted great attention in Japan, Big Bang will also collaborate with casual wear brand ‘Uniqlo‘ in order to celebrate Big Bang’s tour. Starting on February 5th all Uniqlo stores will begin selling a special collaboration T-shirt. This is by far one of the largest projects done for an artist collaboration.

(source: joinmsn Translated: alee @ ibigbang)


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