[NEWS]Black Eyed Peas’ DJ Poet has entered Korea to participate in the production of 2NE1’s new songs

The world famous pop group Black Eyed Pea’s DJ, producer DJ Poet, has entered Korea to help produce for 2NE1’s album.

Poet Name Life tweeted on the 6th that he was flying to Korea with fellow producer Josh One to write/produce songs for 2NE1. A representative from 2NE1’s company, YG Entertainment, told Sports Today “Poet, DJ Josh One, and other world famous musicians came to Korea on the 7th, in the afternoon.”, “Poet will be participating in the production of 2NE1’s new songs.”

He briefly added “Poet & 2NE1 are planning on recording new songs outside of the ones that they previously worked on in the US”. “But it is unknown when these songs will be released to the public.”

Meanwhile, DJ Poet, who had participated in the making of Black Eyed Pea’s best song, “Boom Boom Pow”, recently showed his face to fans through 2NE1 TV Season 2.


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