[VIDEO] Seungri calls Daesung on ‘TAXI’

Daesung: Hello?
Seungri: Hello?
Daesung: Uh… What is it???
Host: Daesung-sshi…
Daesung: Annyeonghasaeyo, Noona…
Host: Ye, What do you think is Seungri’s position in your team?
Daesung: Seungri-ah is like the seasoning.
Host: So it doesn’t matter whether he’s there or not?
Daesung: Not quite the main dish but Yeah…
Host: Daesung-sshi
Daesung: Ye…
Host: after VVIP and What should I do was released, Seungri didn’t get to hear your response. What can you say about his songs?
Daesung: I thought he did so well so “What should I do??”?
Host: Are those words you really wanted to say or just because we’re on broadcast?
Daesung: This is on air right?
HOst: ye…
Daesung: Then please use this one…
Host: Well, even if you said that Seungri is doing really well, is there something else you want him to improve or fix?
Daesung: Isn’t he revealing too many secrets about his hyungs???
Seungri (interuppts): The same could be said about you people talking about me as well!!!!!!
Daesung: But we are covering it with our love!
Host: Daesung-shhi, Why do you think GDragon and TOP aren’t answering their phones? We were using Seungri’s phone to call them..
Daesung: Because of all the things he has done to them up till now…
Host: So it is not because they are busy???
Daesung: Ye, they should be sufficiently awake if it’s this time…
Host: After we end this call, we are going to call Taeyang. Do you think he’s going to answer?
Daesung: I can’t guarantee it..

Credits: @ElectricLoveBB1


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  1. thnx bro

    February 16, 2011 at 5:02 pm

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