[VIDEO] Seungri calls GDragon on ‘TAXI’

Host: Seungri said you’re the type of person who write love songs for the one you love
GDragon: He said that??
Host: Yes, he said that
GDragon: If Seungri says it is, then it must be so…
Host: Have you ever been caught by Seungri?
GDragon: I thought I’d never been caught by him, but seeing that he knows that then he must have…
Host: I’ll give the phone back to Seungri, so if you are worried about something you could say it to him.
Seungri: Hello, Hyung!
GDragon: Yeah, Seungri-ah… We’re a team. Don’t say anything stupid! Whenever you go out, hyungs really worry.
Seungri: LOL. Ye, hyung… I am going home to cook meat now!
GDragon: Ye, you really need to cook now, you have to get out there and cook something.
Seungri: LOL. Hyung! Watch the broadcast and see how I cooked the meat!
GDragon: *chuckling* Arasso..
Seungri: Hyung, you said that everytime I go out on talkshows all of you are worried, why?
Gdragon: Everything about you is something we certainly have to worry about!

Credits: @ElectricLoveBB1


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