[News] Big Bang’s comeback has the music industry on high alert

Big Bang’s February 24th comeback has put the entire music industry on high alert, especially for those artists who were looking to either debut or return.

Now that their comeback date has been set in stone, both rookies and top tier artists originally scheduled for a debut or comeback this March are scrambling to reschedule in order to avoid battling it out with one of the biggest returns in the industry.A representative from an agency currently preparing a new idol group debut revealed,  “We have nothing to gain from releasing an album at the same time as Big Bang.  We’re planning to postpone their debut to sometime after March.”

Most of the debuts and comebacks were already postponed due to TVXQ’s comeback last month; the fact that the industry is being hit with another huge name so quickly is causing agency representatives to furrow their brows with exasperation.

Since SBS is also at the head of Big Bang’s comeback with an extravagant one-hour long special, it’s not only agency representatives who are trembling, but the remaining two public broadcast networks (MBC and KBS) as well.

Through their literal ‘all-in’ for Big Bang, SBS will most likely win in the battle for viewer ratings, as SBS is already rumored to have promised YG Entertainment an impressive investment in the group’s audio and performance setup. The network had already made a substantial investment in 2NE1 and both of Big Bang’s solo and unit promotions as well, which may have led to this close relationship between the two powerhouses.

Unfortunately for MBC and KBS, they can only look on as SBS secures a stronger bond with the agency. especially since Big Bang is looking towards an impressive promotional year for 2011.

Source: Allkpop


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