Big Bang is finally back with a brand new concept along with new fashions to look forward to. Big bang is known not only as one of the leaders in the Music industry but their fashion and hair style is to die for as well.  YG entertainment have revealed the concept of the Big bang’s Fourth mini-album on Yg-life blog (official blog of YGE). The post also includes the album tracklist.G-Dragon, one of the fashion icons in KPOP  is the one who worked hard for the production of the album by co-composing and co-writing their 6 tracks. It was also revealed that Top also helped with all the rap-lyrics to their tracks. BigBang will focus on promoting only one song contrary to the previous news that they will promote all 6 tracks. The YGE representative said that it would be better to promote one song just what they have done with “LIES” and “HARU HARU”

Source: YG LIFE


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