[Me2Twit]Dara’s Airport Fashion

” 와쌉?!? ^.^ 일본도착! 다롱 오늘의 공항패션은 “시큼녀” 컨셉이에요!ㅋ 시크하고 상큼한 여자=시큼녀ㅋ 심플하고 시크한 의상에 약간의 블링블링함을 슉슉넣고 삼단 사과머리로 상큼함과 귀여움을 더했어요! 투애니원의 첫인상을 상큼하게 심어주기위하여! 홧팅!^_^”

…”Wassup?!? ^.^ We’ve arrived in Japan! Darong’s airport fashion concept for today is “big city woman”! Ke Chic and fresh woman = big city woman ke! Simple and chic outfits, with some bling-bling, put on some syuk-syuk (I think she’s referring to make-up, or mascara), and phase three is the apple head, that completes the cute transformation! We hope to plant sweet first impressions for 2NE1! Fighting! ^_^”

Credits: knucklepink@WeLoveDara.com / BlackjackBelle@OhDara

SOURCE: Dara’s Me2day account 2011.03.09


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