[News]Fans crying aloud! 800 people at the Korean 4-member girl group 2NE1’s arrival in Japan

The remainders of their deep emotions, the female fans were crying loudly too

4 member korean girl group 2NE1 who will have their Japan debut this spring, arrived today at Haneda Airport for appearance on Music Station that is to be aired on the 11th. The girls have gone to Japan four times but this is the very first time they’ve arrived alone as a group. A group of 800 sleepless fans had gathered in the arrival lobby.
Not only because of their excellent song and dance, but as well as their “smokey eye makeup”, high-cut shoes, baggy pants, and more of their fashion. They are known as fashion leaders in Korea. And loved by teen fangirls in both Korea and Japan

3:18 pm. When 4 members were finally seen, the lobby was suddenly filled with screams mixed with cheers. The leader who kept on waving with a smile, CL (20) said “We’re really happy to see our Japanese fans. We’re really thankful to see a lot of people waiting for us.” Bom also said, “We also wanted to meet everyone. Please enjoy our performance (on Music Station).”

Although it was only for 2 minutes and even in such a short time, there were fans who were overcome with emotions, their tears flowing freely. A female company worker (20) who went along with a group said of the girls, “I took a leave from work today to come here. They have charisma. They are exuding with aura.” Another female fan who was 19 years old spoke excitedly about the girls saying, “Their fashion, skills as singers, and performances are overall amazing.”

2NE1 was formed with members, main vocals BOM (26), vocals DARA (26), rap and vocals CL (20) and MINZY (18). They debuted on May 2009 with single FIRE, and received about 30 awards. Having 13 singles, 1 full album, 1 mini album. Their group name has 21 and New Evolution together which have the meaning, “New Evolution of the 21st Century.”

Source: Hochi
Translated by Jinhae and xgdara @ygladies.com



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