[CAP] Music Station Staff Have Fallen In Love with 2NE1

First it was tweets, now its a full blog post dedicated to Music Station’s first meeting with 2NE1. The giddy Music Station staff recently uploaded the below blog post about 2NE1’s first rehearsals.

Today we had a meeting with 2NE1 for the first time!

To be honest, I was really nervous.

These days, while researching about 2NE1‘s activities in their homecountry, I felt that “An amazing group is about to come.”

Their senior labelmates BIG BANG told the members, “Music Station suddenly is amazing.”

As time passes, we continued talking. I had so much fun!

CL said “I don’t have confidence in MC-ing, so please don’t look forward (laugh).” But of course, please look forward to it!

We have also seen a bit of the rehearsal, they are so cool!

They will reveal Go Away’s Japanese Version for the first time worldwide. So please wait for it!


Source: Music Station Blog
Translated by xgdara @ygladies.com


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