[Int]Yoo In Na talks about her blossoming career

Actress Yoo In Na is shining brightly these days.

It has been a year since her debut sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof” wrapped up, and her prowess in acting is becoming more and more noticeable. She first greeted viewers by acting as Ha Ji Won’s friend in “Secret Garden” and recently become an MC of “Nightly Entertainment“. The actress is now busy promoting her first ever movie.

My Black Mini Dress“, a story about four women fresh out of school, is her first movie. Her acting roles became significantly bigger yet her bright energy is still the same.

Not losing her sweet smile, the actress said, “Everything is working out for me so I’m nervous. I feel like [God] is helping me“. But everyone knows that her life is working out for a reason. She is hard as a rock and extremely talented, having spent 10 years as a trainee.

The actress commented about her busy life stating, “I’ve always wanted to do so many things and now I’m doing all of those things. I was in a drama, a sitcom, and now in a movie. I’m an MC and I was even able to sing…But it’s very strange. I still can’t believe [I’m doing all of those things]. I sometimes think if someday things don’t work out, I shouldn’t be hurt too much. When people ask me for an autograph or clap for me I feel sorry. I don’t have the aura of a celebrity. Anyways, I’m very happy“.

When asked if she wanted to become a singer, the humble actress said, “I think becoming a singer-actress is okay, but I don’t think I can become a singer. I’m not that good. But after working with Humming Urban Stereo, I felt like I finally did something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Of course I want my acting to be the best but I also want to be a good MC, as well as be a DJ and dub for an animation. I want to do it all“.

When asked about her talented MC’ing on “Nightly Entertainment”, Yoo In Na said, “It was very fun. I was so nervous I ate a calming pill before it started. If you are awkward for even one second, it all shows. But after I did it, I just felt like it was the same. When MC Seo Kyung Suk gave me a little note saying, ‘You’re doing well, truthfully’ in the middle of the show, I felt very comfortable. After closing I felt great. Maybe live broadcasts suit me well (laughing). I think it’s also because I’m a regular viewer of the show.

She was also asked about her love life as well as about Kim Jae Dong. She explained, “My real ideal guy is Yoo Jae Suk. He was really my ‘god’, but these days my heart for him is becoming small. When he got married, I felt a little pang [in my heart]. However, I did feel a little nervous during ‘Come to Play‘ filming. I like nice and comfortable guys like actor Son Hyun Joo and Hwang Jung Min. When people say a lot of people like me, it all seems like a lie. No one calls, but I can date whenever I find a guy I love. It’s true that you don’t have a lot of chances to date when you’re busy, but I don’t think you don’t date just because you’re busy. Even Yoo Jae Suk got married [and he’s always busy]“.

The actress also talked about turning 30 this year, and was asked about acting as a 24 year old. She said, “I’m 12 years older than U-KISS’s Dongho who also appears in the movie. When he asked me, ‘Were you born in the year of the dog as I was?’, I was very surprised. Anyways, when I started filming I was in my 20’s, and before you know it I’m in my 30’s, but I feel really good. I felt even better because my character was the same age as my juniors in the movie. If this was my tenth year as an actress, I would’ve hated turning 30. But it has only been 2~3 years so I don’t feel anything about my age. In the roles for ‘High Kick Through the Roof’ I was 23, in ‘Secret Garden’ 28, and in the movie I was 24. Age doesn’t really matter in real life“.

She reflected on her acting career saying, “When I first debuted, I just thought about people knowing me and my anticipation for the future, but while filming ‘Secret Garden’, I worried a lot about people wondering if I didn’t fit into a full-length drama. I felt even more overwhelmed because it received more love than expected. I’m still worried about how people will think about my acting in a future work. I don’t want to disappoint the people who are cheering me on”.

“‘High Kick’ is a work that brought me to where I am today. The director wrote to every single actor at the end and he told me that a light began to shine one day and he found it to be me. He wanted to develop it if he had more time but he couldn’t so he felt very disappointed. He told me that someone was going to harvest that jewel one day. It touched me a lot. ‘Secret Garden’ harvested that jewel for me. The ‘High Kick’ director found the jewel and the drama helped dig that jewel out of the ground. I was able to find some ground due to that work. I’m not sure about ‘My Black Mini Dress’ because it has not been released yet. I feel very overwhelmed because it’s my first big role so I feel like a director. I want the movie to do well so I feel very conflicted“.

Finally, the actress was asked about her similar roles in her dramas and her want for some change in character.

She replied, “In ‘My Black Mini Dress’, I play a rich, bright, friendly girl who has a lot of faults but cannot be hated. My background just changed so I’m basically the same as before. They surveyed who seemed most like their on-screen character and I was voted number 1. Even I thought my character was like me so I agreed a lot to my character’s actions. The three characters I acted as and myself are very similar. I want to change but not at this moment. I want to change slowly. It’s fun just thinking about it [acting as completely different characters]. Secretary Kim, Kim Sung Oh, played a bad guy in ‘Ahjussi‘ and played a bright character in ‘Secret Garden’. I don’t think there’s a more fun job than acting as two completely different people. I want to do that some day“.

Source: Star News via Nate


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