[News] 2NE1, KARA reported to be ok in Japan

Japan was just hit by a massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake, and they’ve issued tsunami warnings for both the local populace and 53 other nations. The devastation has caused global concern, and the international community is reaching out to Japan, especially for those who have loved ones on the island nation.

Knowing that 2NE1 recently went over to Japan to promote their Japanese debut, fans have flooded YG Entertainment with questions about whether they were ok.

An official from YG Entertainment confirmed that the girl group were fine. “We are not able to directly contact the members [by phone] probably due to the earthquake causing problems with transmission. Just now, we received news from another affiliated individual within Tokyo that the girls were safe.”

2NE1 was planning to appear on Asahi TV’s “Music Station“ program to promote their upcoming debut. Because of the natural disaster, however, affiliated individuals stated , “There is no news of whether or not the schedule with ‘Music Station’ will continue.”

Meanwhile, KARA has also been confirmed to be safe. Should airports resume full operations, they will return to Korea on March 12th, as planned.


We know that many K-pop fans are concerned about their idols, but we ask that they also spare some concern for the Japanese people as well, as they are experiencing a devastating national disaster.

Source: E-Daily


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