[News]Big Bang’s Next Album Will Be a Full Length Album

With Big Bang’s latest mini album leaving fans wanting more, G-Dragon thinks their next album will a full length one.

Fans of Big Bang were given a treat February 28th when they released their first Korean album in 2 years. The 6 track mini album however left their fans wanting more from the boyband. G-dragon’s announcement should have fans excited though. He recently announced that they would be working on a full length album after their Japanese tour in May.

“After promoting this mini album, we’re going to tour Japan and release another album when we return. I think that’ll be a full length album which we’re thinking of working on with composers from outside YG as well so I think it’ll have a different flavor to it.” G-Dragon stated.

After seeing how important the internet has been in their popularity, especially outside of Korea, G-dragon also promised that take things further through new ways of releasing their music, blogging and other new ways to connect to their fans. This comes after the group found out that the majority of their music videos’ hits have come from outside of Korea in places like the United States and Europe.

“I don’t think we get a lot of hits on YouTube because we’re famous. I rather think it’s that our individual activities such as Taeyang’s solo album or GD&TOP’s duo unit album has stirred curiosity of our music amongst people overseas” commented T.O.P.

Big Bang’s latest mini album has sold over 100,000 units and their new songs have topped all of Korea’s major charts.



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