YG has finally open registrations for international fans to become a part of 2NE1′s official fanclub: Blackjack. Make sure you have a YGFamily account before registering. Fee for joining the fanclub is $45 + a price for wire transfer (depends which bank you’re using).

Benefits for what you’ll get once you join the fanclub:

– You will receive/be issued a BLACKJACK membership card
– Welcoming card (handwritten by 2NE1 members)
– Fanclub official GODDS (it should be GOODS) GIFT BOX (includes your name engraved on the lightstick, a card case and buttons)
– Can participate in events such as (fan meeting, (video) conference, etc)
– Participate in live stages that are broadcasted such as music core, sbs inkigayo, and music bank
– During domestic and overseas concert you will have a chance to get priority seats.
– Usage of the BLACKZONE that is only available to fanclub members
– Send SMS, receive newsletters by email

Tutorial: CLICK HERE
Credit: Tazanya @ YGLadies.com


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