[NEWS]Park Han Byul on 2NE1, being an ‘ulzzang’, and beauty

Actress Park Han Byul recently held a frank interview with Mnet’s “Wide News“.

The interview began, “If you could join any current female idol group, which group would you like to join?“. After contemplating for a while, she responded, “Talented group, 2NE1.”

When asked about her reasoning, she honestly replied, “Because I think 2NE1 is a group that I could never join. I think I lack the talent to be a singer. But if a children’s song album were to be released, I could do that. I would confidently participate in a children’s song album.”

Park Han Byul was then asked whether being called an ‘ulzzang‘ was burdensome. She said, “Not at all. Rather, I have pride in being one of the first generation ‘ulzzang’s.”

The reporter than flattered the star by asking her when she got to be so pretty. Park Han Byul laughed, “I was pretty since high school.”

This interview will be broadcast on March 16th.


Source: allkpop

[NEWS]Park Han Byul on 2NE1, being an ‘ulzzang’, and beauty


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