[Video] Yoo In Na gives you the best shave of your life in Gillette CF

‘Innocent glamour’ celebrity Yoo In Na giving you a foam kiss and a shave?

The movie-like imagination has now become real with Gillette creating an interactive movie called ‘Yoo In Na’s Fusion‘, which is receiving hot responses from men.

Yoo In Na has already revealed her photoshoot in which she only wears a white shirt and this CF will continue the hype. Reportedly, even the staff were surprised at the shoot, as she confidently showcased her sexy charms.

In ‘Yoo In Na’s Fusion’, a soccer player gets to be the star’s boyfriend. He gets to do the ever so popular foam kiss, and even gets to watch the actress’s cute and sexy dance. He also gets a clean shave from her, which is reportedly what guys want to do the most when they find a girlfriend.

Now anyone can get a shave by watching the interactive movie (video demo below), but the chance for Yoo In Na to be one’s girlfriend comes only when one picks ’shaving gel’ as the product that prevents irritation of the skin. After it’s over, Yoo In Na gives the participant the camera, and he’ll click a pose of her that he likes the best. After he clicks on his favorite pose, the actress’s autograph and picture will be sent to his cell phone.

Yoo In Na commented, “While filming, I thought of my future boyfriend. I really want to shave for my boyfriend using a Gillette Fusion razor and Fusion Hydra Gel.


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