[News]‘Current Trend’ Yoo In Na receives overseas love calls

Actress Yoo In Na, who is currently riding a wave of popularity, has received offers from movie industries overseas and is planning to start activities outside Korea.

Most recently, Yoo In Na had been seriously considering a movie role in Malaysia that was offered by Director “A”. It was reported that Director “A” is a famous movie director who has been acknowledged world-wide. For the upcoming movie, they plan to shoot in Korea and in Malaysia. Not just Yoo In Na, but another popular and talented Korean actor “B” is also scheduled to appear.

Yoo In Na had also recently confirmed her appearance in MBC’s new drama, “Best Love“, so she is currently coordinating the filming schedule for the movie. “Best Love” is scheduled to air from May to June, and Yoo In Na plans to go directly into movie filming after the drama period is coordinated.

Through this movie, it looks like Yoo In Na will get the chance to aim for foreign film festivals and also the opportunity to walk on the red carpet. Yoo In Na, who became a household name through her appearance in “High Kick Through the Roof“, is continually gaining popularity through her MC position on SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment” and in her appearance in the newly released movie, “My Black Mini Dress.”

Source: Star News via Nate



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