[News]Big Bang to return with 4.5 album in April

Last week, YG Entertainment representatives announced that Big Bang is currently preparing for a new album that’s to be released later on this year. They also added that Big Bang’s upcoming album would include songs from world-renowned producers.

The company has just made an announcement that they’ll be releasing a re-packaged album for their beloved VIPs. The industry is buzzing over whether this new release would be the afore-hinted album, but anticipation is running high all the same.

On March 25th, a YG Entertainment representative spoke with Newsen and revealed, “Big Bang is expected to return to fans with four new songs in addition to the songs on their current mini album. As of yet, we have not chosen the title track.”

Since Big Bang’s fourth mini-album consists of six songs – ‘Intro (Thank You & You)’Tonight,‘Hands Up’‘Somebody to Love’‘Cafe’, and ‘What is Right’ -, their 4.5 album will feature 10 tracks in total.

Who’s ready for the Big Bang domination?

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate News



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