[news]YG Entertainment responds to concerns about Big Bang’s “Love and Pain” Japanese tour

Fans are concerned that Big Bang’s “Love and Pain” Japanese tour may put the members in danger. The devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami from March 11th have caused a number of Japanese concerts to be cancelled out of concerns for safety and appropriate conduct.

Observing the string of cancellations, fans wrote to YG expressing their anxieties: “Since there is a danger like this, we should prioritize the safety of the singer before anything else”, “Since the Japanese are facing tragic incidents at the moment, I wonder whether they would still be interested in appreciating the concerts”, “How do you distinguish the dangerous and safe regions in Japan?” and “It is the duty of the entertainment company to discuss with Universal Japan to decide whether to cancel or postpone the tour”“Other celebrities have also cancelled their concerts there so what is the point of insisting Big Bang’s?”

YG Entertainment released the following response to their fans’ concerns:

Big Bang is scheduled to promote in Japan in May and June, but fans raised their concerns about their Japanese tour. In this regard, YG Entertainment shares the same concerns.

Ever since the earthquake, YG took into consideration whether to postpone Big Bang’s Japanese tour. Since the situation in Japan is not yet stable, the schedule is still not confirmed yet, although we have already communicated with the company in Japan a few times already.

Like other Korean singers who have advanced into the Japanese market, the final decision of whether we will carry out the same schedule depends on our contract with the company in Japan, since the company has the final say over these matters.

This issue is one that is not only faced by YG and Big Bang since May, but other groups like ‘SNSD’ and ‘2PM’ who’ve also planned to do their activities in Japan.  As of now, in regard to Japan’s situation, Big Bang would rather proceed their concerts and donate some of their earnings to the victims in the affected areas in Japan, and our VIP fan club in Japan also planned to help as well.

We understand that you are concerned about Big Bang’s safety in Japan. Whether Big Bang can pursue their concerts safely depends on the places they perform, and we will make a decision based on how the Japanese feel, and after understanding the situation thoroughly.

Your concerns are justified in the face of such an unexpected disaster, and Big Bang’s safety should be put into careful consideration.  There are still a lot of variables with Big Bang’s Japanese tour. I really wish to express my sorrow to the fans who have been hurt from the disaster.

Through this concert, we will keep on consulting with the Japanese side to see how we can help to contribute to the relief work.”

Source: Newsen via Donga NewsYG-Life
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2 responses

  1. It does sort of seem like a bad time to be traveling to Japan…

    Plus, I read just read on NY Times that there’s a new initiative in Japan to be more frugal–with everything. Which could certainly affect concert attendance as well.

    Maybe they should come to the US instead? ^^

    March 29, 2011 at 2:16 am

    • I agree with you ^^ I mean Japan is still under the state of Calamity and of course YG wouldn’t take the risk of bringing BIgbang there since the earthquake incident was still fresh and would probably happen again (hope not). A US promotions isn’t a bad idea 🙂

      March 29, 2011 at 2:58 pm

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