[Int]Yoo In Na discusses her personality, past characters, and future roles

With the cold winter months receding, there’s no actress that fits the upcoming spring season better than Yoo In Na herself.

After 10 long years of training, she first emerged before the eyes of the public through MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof.“ It wasn’t until SBS’s “Secret Garden” that she really nailed in the essence of who she is, however, and with a leading role in her movie, “My Black Mini Dress,” she’s now become a household name in the industry.

Although she’s probably busy day in and day out, Yoo In Na had nothing but joy to express in her latest interview with Sports Hankooki moments before “My Black Mini Dress” hit theaters.

Check it out below!


Q.Is your personality really as bright as the roles you tend to take on?

Yoo: “Those around me say that I resemble my characters a lot.”

Q. You’re actually older than Yoon Eun Hye and Park Han Byul, but you actually look the youngest.

Yoo: “I tried my best to look like the maknae (laughter). I think it’s because of my voice and the way I speak that makes me look younger than I actually am.”

Q. “With four actresses in one room, wasn’t there any tension?

Yoo: “I think that’s actually a sort of stereotype. I may be the oldest, but experience-wise, they’re all my seniors. My character, ‘Minhee’, is the cute and comedic type, which I tried to follow through with, and everyone really did treat me like I was cute. There’s no tension at all, we were all taking care of one another.”

Q. “Do you think the personality of your other castmates resemble their roles at all?

Yoo: “My role is very elementary-like so I tried to keep that up on set by joking and playing around.Park Han Byul is very cool but also innocent and worries a lot. She was really happy that her character resembled her so much. Yoon Eun Hye is very serious in her thought, and although she doesn’t joke around on set often, she’ll sometimes joke and play with me.”

Q.All of the luxury brands and shopping styles in the movie seems so displaced from reality.

Yoo: “I think it was the director’s intention to create impressive scenes with a lot to see. If it was too realistic and ‘normal,’ I don’t think there’d be much to see or enjoy.”

Q.What were your 20s like?”

Yoo: “I think I spent it worrying over my future like my role in the movie does. It was also the majority of my trainee life, so there was just a lot of worrying for me.”

Q.Could you talk a bit about your trainee experience?”

Yoo: “I entered YG Entertainment in 2006. For about five years, I trained to become a singer, even though I joined thinking I’d become an actress.”

Q. “Did you ever want to quit during those 10 years?”

Yoo: “Not once, ever. My dream ever since I was a child was to become a celebrity, and there wasn’t anything else that I particularly wanted to do or excelled at. I did wonder whether this path was right for me, but I never thought of quitting. Even when I turn 40 or 50, I think my decision will remain the same.”

Q. “Did you feel the growth of your popularity during your ‘High Kick’ days?”

Yoo: “I was amazed when I saw my name rank in on portal search rankings and saw that people began to recognize me on the streets. Now, I just feel thankful and responsible as well.”

Q. “You really don’t have any antis.”

Yoo: “I’m amazed at that as well. I sometimes wonder whether it’s okay for me to be in such a great position, and also whether everything I’ve suffered for is being repayed with the position I’m in now. But it is true that with the growth of my happiness, my level of nervousness grows as well.”

Q. “How does it feel grabbing the MCing spot for ‘One Night in TV Entertainment‘?”

Yoo: “When I first received the offer from my agency, I remember shouting out, ‘Yes! I’ll do it!’ The fact that it’s live was so exhilarating. Seo Kyung Suk oppa takes care of me as well, and working alongside him really makes me feel that he’s a genius. I sang a song in the first broadcast, and that was his idea as well.”

Q.You have a lot of male fans thanks to your voluminous body.”

Yoo: “I don’t manage it with anything special. I don’t have a lot of fat to begin with, but I do eat well and move around a lot. I eat to the point where those around me are embarrassed for me! Even during the filming for my movie, Cha Ye Ryun and I will have mounds of snacks to eat.”

Q. “In ‘Secret Garden,’ you played the role of the dependable friend. A lot of viewers felt endeared with the cuteness of your role, especially when you mistakenly thought that Kim Joo Won was in love with you.”

Yoo: “It was fun for me as well. I rehearsed the scene where I’m waiting for him to come out of the elevator at home over 30 times. There were a lot of different versions that I came up with.”

Q“Are you that dependable with your real friends as well?”

Yoo: “As opposed to my roles in movies and dramas, I like to take part in their lives instead. I’ll be more aggressive in making sure that they make up with each other and I’m more open with saying what’s on my mind. I love that I’ve earned the nickname, ‘The nation’s friend,’ thanks to my consecutive roles as the friend.”

Q“Do you ever want to try a role that’s opposite to your previous bright and outgoing characters?”

Yoo: “Anyone has a sort of opposite character within them. I have moments where I feel depressed or calm. I don’t want to pursue a drastic yet because I’d rather go about it step by step so that the viewers have time to adjust. I’d love to be able to take on roles like Seo Young Eun in ‘On Air‘ and Na Sung Shil in ‘Perfect Couple.’”

Q. “What do you do in your free time?”

Yoo: “I’ll go shopping with my friends or just walk around on the streets. If I wear a hat and keep my head down, people don’t tend to notice. I just can’t talk (laughter).”

Q. Any male actors you’d like to work with?”

Yoo: “I’ve never really thought of this. I was recently impressed with Ryu Seung Bum-ssi.”

Source: Sports Hankooki via Nate


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