[News]Big Bang’s comeback dominates March monthly digital charts

t was clear early on that Big Bang’s mini-album comeback would swallow up digital music charts whole-heartedly, but the release of the monthly digital charts for Melon, Mnet, Soribada and Monkey3 has proven the quintet’s dominance in the industry yet again.

The mini-album saw success with not only its lead track TONIGHT which conquered the charts at the #1 spot, but also with CAFE and What is Right, accumulating to a whopping three tracks from one mini-album on the Top Ten chart. Furthermore, the tracks Hands Up and Somebody to Love also made it to the Top 20 chart, revealing an all-around success as every song of the mini-album (sans intro track) made it to the Top 20 chart.

To follow up their initial album promotions, Big Bang will be coming back strong with a second special edition album this month, with the release of Stupid Liar (스투피드 라이어) and Love Song (러브송) just around the corner. Don’t be surprised if those tracks enjoy similar successful results as well!


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