[News]YG Family to appear at the 2011 Seoul Photoshow

Up until the 24th, for the duration of 4 days, the 2011 Seoul Photoshow (P&I 2011) will be taking place at the Samsungdong Coex. On the 21st, Nikon Imaging Korea will be hosting a “Photo Talk Show with YG Family”.The YG Entertainment artists, such as 2NE1, Se7en, etc. will be visiting the main stage at the Nikon booth for this talk show one at a time each day.

They will reveal the pictures that they took themselves with Nikon cameras, and will talk about the story behind the shots of their practice rooms, scenery, and other behind the scenes daily life shots.

In particular, the YG Family members will be revealing their personal photo-taking tips, and it will be a great opportunity for the audience to learn more about the daily lives of these top stars who are normally are very secretive.

In addition, during the Talk Show, there will also be a fan sign and photo time through the Quiz Show.

The Quiz Show, which will be conducted on the scene, will include questions based on YG Family, and those who have the correct answers will be presented with a signed autograph and will receive a large printout photo of them and the celebrity.

In addition, the artists are also planned to appear as models of the Nikon DSLR Camera and the Cool Pix camera during the additional photo time.

The “Photo Talk Show with YG Family” will continue for the duration of the P&I 2011 period,starting each day at 3PM (On the 24th it will begin at 2PM), and will last for 50 minutes on the Nikon booth main stage. Anyone who visits the Nikon booth may participate.


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