[News] Will G-Dragon pen a song for Taiwan’s Show Luo?

Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo (Luo Zhi Xiang/羅志祥/小豬) recently signed a two-year contract withPony Canyon Japan, and was in Korea for a CF filming, where he met Big Bang’s G-Dragon by chance.


The two shared a brief conversation, where they learned that they had the same American dance teacher. Since Show is going to be kicking off his Japanese advancement in July, he asked G-Dragon if he could give him a song in order to pave a smoother path for his promotions.


It’s not known if G-Dragon confirmed or not, but the two promised to meet again sometime in the future for further discussions.


As always with tabloid news, there weren’t any quotes, but if there’s something to this article, then who’s looking forward to their collaboration?


Source: Showbiz China Times
Tip: sarahkristine




One response

  1. GD looks so Pale here… T.T I think he is not yet that fully healed this day. 😦 Get well soon baby.

    May 30, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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