[News]Authorities release new statement about Daesung’s role in the car accident

The Seoul Youngdeung-Po Police Department has released an official statement on May 31st aboutDaesung’s role in the car accident, stating, “Daesung has violated his duty to drive safely.”


The police explained: “At 1:28AM, Daesung was driving in the first lane from Hapjeong-dong in the direction of Yangpyung-dong on a 4-lane road. He was driving at 80km per hour (speed limit is 60km/h) and crashed into a stopped taxi after driving over a motorcyclist who was passed out on the street.”


They continued, “We will carry out a more detailed examination by monitoring the CCTV collected around the accident site, as well as gathering eyewitness reports and understanding the path of the motorcycle. We have requested an autopsy on the victim from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.


Meanwhile, Lee Hyori tweeted her worries, “I know that Daesung always blames himself for everything even though it’s not his fault, thus I’m more saddened and worried for him.”


We will continue to closely follow this issue, so stay with us for updates.


(For those who need a recap, check out our previous posts herehere, and here).


Source: NTN Seoul




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