[News]Autopsy results for Daesung’s accident delayed

The autopsy results for the car accident involving Big Bang’s Daesung, a taxi driver, and a motorcyclist have been delayed to the end of next week.

Originally scheduled to be released today, Seoul police stated that the results will now be released next weekend. Their official press release explained, “Because they wished to be extremely thorough with their investigations, the National Forensic Service told us the results would be slightly delayed.

The report will determine if Daesung caused the death of motorcyclist Hyun, who was reportedly on the ground already before Daesung ran over him and crashed into a parked taxi. The autopsy results are expected to reveal a key point in the investigation, which will determine the course of the case afterwards.


[ Update ]

Investigations have revealed that there was no hit-and-run accident prior to Daesung’s accident.

The Youngdeungpo police spoke through E-Daily on Star News and explained, “We have completed on-site and CCTV investigations. Results show that there was no hit-and-run accident prior to Daesung’s accident. We have received reports of motorcyclist Hyun being under the influence of alcohol, but final results have not yet been released. As of right now, we feel that Hyun’s accident occurred to his own negligent driving.”

Source: Segye.com via Yahoo! News, SPN via Nate


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  1. Anonymous

    OMO! DAESUNG. D:< I CANT BELIEVE IT. ARE YOU ALIRGHT ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

    July 3, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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