[NEWS] Brave Brothers shares his story on how he joined YG Entertainment

On June 15th, hit producer Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Chul) guested on MBC’s “Golden Fishery” and talked about how he came to sign a contract with YG Entertainment.

He revealed, “After completing a demo, we went to a nearby internet café, created a quick design on the CD case, and sent it to YG Entertainment along with my phone number”.

When asked for the reason behind choosing YG Entertainment, he replied, “At the time, YG was a dream to aspiring hip-hop musicians. I wanted to be recognized by YG for my skills, and it’s not like I had a handsome face”.

He continued, “Later, I received a phone call from the casting manager. He said I seemed like a fun and unique person, and wanted me to send a picture of myself. After hearing that, I was nervous and felt my self-confidence drop. So I confidently stated that if YG simply picked their talents by looking at their faces / appearance, I wasn’t interested and hung up the phone. Ten minutes later the phone rang again, and the casting manager explained that they liked my music but they had to know what kind of person I was”.

The famed producer caused much laughter in the studio when he stated, “I sent YG a picture of me striking a pose in my shabby home, and they commented that their initial suspicions seemed correct in that I seemed like a fun and interesting character. They wanted to meet me immediately, and so that’s how I met Yang Hyun Suk.”

He described his first impression of Yang Hyun Suk by saying, “I was surprised by his strong presence, and felt like I was meeting a star. He wanted to sign a contract with me, so I quickly signed one the next day”.

Meanwhile, Brave Brothers left YG Entertainment back in 2009, and now owns his own entertainment label, ‘Brave Sound Entertainment‘.

Source + Photo: Newsen via Daum + allkpop.com


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  1. Keisha

    wooooooooooowww..i never knew he was in YG. This blog is great!!! I love YG FAMILY !

    June 22, 2011 at 1:26 am

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