[News]Park Myung Soo calls G-Dragon a musical genius!

In a recent interview, comedian Park Myung Soo only had words of praise for Big Bang’s leader and producer, G-Dragon.

Giving themselves the name ‘GG‘, Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon recently teamed up to present viewers with a special song on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” at the West Coast Highway Song Festival.

On June 15th, Park Myung Soo expressed through his phone interview, “While working with G-Dragon, I realized that he truly was a young musical genius. If I made a request about something, he would immediately present me with not one, but three different ideas”.

He continued, “At first, I had difficulty adjusting to Big Bang’s style of music, so we had to overcome our fundamental musical differences. However, G-Dragon wrote a song that was easy enough for me to follow along with, and made sure that the song still sounded great. Thanks to him, I was able to naturally close the gap between our music styles. I’m sure that many people will enjoy the song G-Dragon and I worked on together”.

Meanwhile, the special ‘West Coast Highway Song Festival’ of “Infinity Challenge” will start airing on July 2nd as part of a special 4-week series. It will show the Infinity Challenge members each teaming up with different singers, and viewers will be able to see the hard work that went into preparing for the festival.

Source: + Photo: Star News
Translated by: AKP


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