[News] 2NE1’s MVs exceed 100 million views

Since their debut in 2009, 2NE1 has seen considerable success. Named “All-Kill Queens” after the success of “Hate You”, 2NE1 has been sweeping the online charts with their songs “Lonely” and “I am the Best”. Starting off with their debut song “Lollipop” all the way to their most recent MV for “Hate You”, 2NE1’s music videos have received a lot of love from fans.

On Thursday morning, video site YouTube saw 2NE1’s cumulative video views exceed 100 million views. Their most viewed video is “Lollipop” with Big Bang. Released in March 2009, it has seen over 28 million views. Their second most popular video, “Fire (Space)” (August 2009), achieved nearly 22 million views. “I Don’t Care” saw over 17.5 million views, and “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody” followed behind with over 12 million views each.

2NE1 is set to make their official Japanese debut on September 21 with a mini-album, and kick off their first Japan tour “NOLZA in Japan” in September.

Source: Star News
CREDITS: Nielle @ koreanboo.com

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