[Interview]Big Bang’s G-Dragon interviews with Mnet during a photoshoot for Bean Pole

Excelling in music, stage performance, and even in fashion, one of Korea’s most versatile artist, Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently interviewed with Mnet Wide News during a CF shoot for popular Korean clothing brand, Bean Pole.


Unlike his usual flashy outfits,  G-Dragon was dressed head-to-toe in Bean Pole’s All Black concept clothing. However, he accented the look with showy silver accessories and fur boots acknowledging his stance as a style icon.


While overlooking his photos, the star jokingly admitted, “I’m pretty photogenic. I look better in photos than in real life” shyly smiling and showcasing his perfectly pearl-white teeth.


G-Dragon was then asked if he studies fashion separately and he answered, “I do study a bit on my own. I also get a lot of advice from stylists, I also look at style magazines, and shop frequently for clothes. And through many trials and errors, I kind of find my own style“.


Recently, G-Dragon was on the preliminary rounds for Super Star K as a special guest and worked with the contestants as their stylist for the day. He helped transform the contestants’ style so that they could look extra cute or extra handsome.


When asked about his thoughts on international fans holding flash mobs for a YG family concert, specifically a flash mob in London, GD responded, “I’m really glad. It’s really hard to become someone’s fan with music alone. But through this, I found hope and my desire is to eventually go over and perform our music.


Check out the interview below.


Source: Allkpop



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