[NEWS] 2NE1 is sitting pretty with an all-kill for “Ugly”

2NE1 makes another all-kill with “Ugly” on the various music charts for the fifth consecutive time, setting a new record.

On July 28th, 2NE1 revealed their mini album, while also having revealed their music video for their title track, “Ugly“. On the various real-time charts, the song placed number 1, sweeping the online music charts.

The midnight release of their single, ‘Ugly’, climbed to the top on a steep upward curve on all the online music charts. Recently, the OSTs for the entertainment program, ‘I Am a Singer‘, has been shaking up the music charts, but 2NE1 showed off their strong power by quickly taking over the music charts.

2NE1 is not only popular in Korea, but has become a global name. Already, through Youtube’s global SNS network, 2NE1’s videos has cumulatively gained a huge number of hits, securing a global fanbase.

This month, their agency, YG Entertainment, has joined together with avex in creating a new label as they will target Japan’s music market this fall.

On July 26th, ‘2NE1 TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE‘ also showed the first part of the chorus for “Ugly”, as the emotional melody describes of a hurt woman.

But 2NE1 is not planning to rest anytime soon as 2NE1 will hold its first concert, ‘NOLZA‘, from August 26th to the 28th.


Watch their awesome Music Video:

Source: Osen via Naver + allkpop.com



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