[INTERVIEW] G-Dragon “I’m Having An Affair” Song of the Month Cyworld Interview!

Congratulations! In the month of July you’ve become one of the most beloved artists and the song “I’m Having An Affair” has been awarded with the digital music award, ‘Song of the Month’! What are your thoughts? ^^

a1 In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair.” Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Together with Myungsu hyung~ Also I’d like it if you could enjoy this with the other singing member, Bom noona.

q1 Even though many of you probably already know about this song, “I’m Having An Affair”, could you please introduce the song ^^

a1 “I’m Having An Affair” is a result from wanting to create a song that blended well with the summer time, but that was also exciting and made you want to move up and down. Everything with Infinity Challenge went well but above all, working and singing with Myungsoo hyung was easy. I really enjoyed myself while working on this song and I feel the song was released intact!

q1 Through MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ it must have been really hard to meet the combination of G-Dragon, Park MyungSoo and Park Bom~ To have to combine three very different styles of music into one, did you have difficulty?

a1 With “I’m Having An Affair” I thought the combination shouldn’t be too daring, I thought it was a good song already with the individuality of each one of the members. I think that Bom noona brought a cool good voice, while MyungSu hyung focused more on the stylish image of the song and had previously gotten ready for it. As a result I think their charms were well exposed in the song and I was proud.

q1 During the preparations for this Festival I think there must have been many episodes with Park Myung Soo-ssi, please tell us one of the most memorable episodes you remember~

a1 When recording, Myungsoo hyung worked very hard, that memory has stayed with me. Because there is a certain age difference, I was cautious when speaking but Myungsu hyung was rather active and working with him felt comfortable. ^^ Especially when picking out or wearing clothes, he would wear them without any prejudice and happily, that will remain in my memory.

q1 Many sources showed G-Dragon’s music made an all-kill on all music charts! After this, the expectations of future music coming out from you have become high. Please tell us about future activity plans or album plans. ^^

a1  There still aren’t any specific activity plans or plans for an album. However, I will always work hard and I won’t be able to release an album I want until there is a chance for me to do it and until I feel satisfied with the results.

q1 These days, what’s your favorite song? Please introduce it to our Cyworld Music members~

a1 I’m not listening to any specific genre in particular. Over the time, there have been a lot of good songs!

q1 Lastly, please convey a greeting to all of your Cyworld fans.

a1 In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair”. Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Bom noona and Myungsoo hyung, please give them a lot of love! Thank you!

Source: 산장@dcgd
Translated: Sammi @ ibigbang.wordpress.com


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  1. i am having an affair song….it sound like he is admitting through this song…are you really having an affair right now??? 😉 heheheh

    August 3, 2011 at 2:49 am

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