[NEWS] 2NE1 Holds Their Own on MTV Music Meter’s TOP 10


With the recent release of their 2nd mini album, 2NE1 has been crowned the “queens of all-kills” in Korea. Immediately upon its release, the girls’ latest song, Ugly, rose to the top of various online music charts in Korea, including Bugs, Soribada, Dosirak, MNET, and Melon, even managing to “go through its roof”. The mini-album and corresponding singles’ amazing performance on the charts, coupled with all-kills that they have garnered with the previous releases of Don’t Cry, Lonely, I am the Best, and Hate You, are testament to 2NE1′s explosive popularity in South Korea.

We are all well aware of how much 2NE1 is loved by their Korean fans, but what is the world saying about them?

2NE1 is also massively popular worldwide, as seen from Youtube and itunes. To add on to the international accolades that they have received, 2NE1 is also ranked among the top 10 on MTV’s Music Meter.

What exactly is MTV’s Music Meter?

… with the launch of Music Meter on Tuesday (December 14, 2010), MTV is aiming to provide a new chart that gauges which artists are truly capturing the imagination of wired fans right now.

Instead of relying solely on conventional metrics such as CD sales or radio play, the Music Meter ranks the top 100 artists based on their social media buzz, streams on video sites, and radio and sales data, providing a real-time portrait of up-and-coming and talked-about artists

To date, 2NE1 remains the only Asian and only female artist, to be featured on MTV Music Meter’s Top 10.

What does this mean for 2NE1?

“We have a long history at MTV of locking arms with artists in the beginning of their careers and providing them with an opportunity to grow their audience base,” says MTV spokesperson Kurt Patat. “And you have lots of chances to discover music by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, so when we were thinking about what we wanted the Music Meter to be, we thought of it as a discovery tool people can come to and find new music.”

With debuts in the US and Japan in the cards, 2NE1 looks set for an international takeover on music charts. Being featured on MTV’s Music Meter not only allows them to grow their international fanbase, but it also allows them to act as representatives of Asian music to the world.

It looks like all that spazzing on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc is paying off in ways we never dreamed~ Let’s continue to bring 2NE1 to the world I-Blackjacks!


Excerpts taken from mtv.com
Article by nyldeabcd @ygladies.com


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