[NEWS] Jung Hyung Don Becomes a Fashion Model for 11street Thanks to Fashion Confrontations with G-Dragon?

Comedian Jung Hyung Don was chosen as a model for shopping mall ’11st’. On August 1st 11th Street’s side said, “Jung Hyung Don was chosen as a model because he is rising to the top in weekend entertainment programs with the popular sayings he has coined in “MBC Infinity Challenge” such as “Paris-Pig-Sian”, “Mijon Gaeoh”, “G-Dragon are you watching?”, etc.”

He added, “Jung Hyung Don has succesfully tranformed into an entertainer with a fashion image, and as a fashion leader and shed his fashion terrorist image.“

In addition, Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s fashion has led to a confrontation with Jung Hyung Don and this fashion showdown has become a hot topic. With G-Dragon currently modeling for shopping mall “G-Market” this head-on confrontation seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, 11st Jung Hyung Don has done photoshoots for 11st already and is expected to offer suggestions for Menswear lines and they’re commited to run a “Jung Hyung-style” project.

Source: biz fnnews
Translated: Sammi@ibigbang.wordpress.com


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