[News]2NE1 talks about when they feel the most and least confident

The ladies of 2NE1 are now famous in the K-Pop industry for their confident style, but they still managed to turn quite a few heads when they came out with “Ugly“.

In their interview with OSEN, the girls were asked if they ever felt ‘ugly’ like in their lyrics. Fans were surprised to read Dara’s answer, who laughed, “Yes, when I’m wearing a feminine style. I’m always dressed like a man on stage, so I feel a loss of confidence when I’m wearing more feminine styles.”

Bom replied, “I don’t specially feel ugly or anything, but I don’t have confidence when I get my song wrong.“  Minzy said, “I feel that way when I’m trying to improve and advance, but when it’s not going out the way I want it to.”

CL said, “I don’t feel especially ugly, but I do get into a slump sometimes. Like the lyrics of ‘Ugly’ state, I do feel lonely at times.”

In reverse, the girls were then asked for the time where felt that they were amazing. Bom said, “When I’m singing.  I love singing and I’m the most confident in it.“  Dara agreed, “It’s easy for me to feel confident when I’m on stage.  The shouts of our fans thrill me and I truly feel like I’m the best for the three minutes I’m on stage.”

Minzy expressed, “When I’m dancing to my solo part”, while CL said, “If I don’t feel confident on stage, then the people that are watching and listening to us won’t feel it either.  I have to be the best on stage so that the audience feels the same way.  I go up on stage thinking that I’m going to be the best.”

Source + Photos: OSEN



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