[NEWS] Jung Hyung Don tried to call G-Dragon, ‘we must end the fashion debate now’

Jung Hyung Don tried to call G-Dragon to end the ‘fashion debate’ which started ever since the airing of ‘Infinity Challenge’.

Today on MBC’s ‘Everyone Weekly Idol’. the ranking of the idol fashionistas who are posing threats to Jung Hyung Don was released. The best 7 ‘terrorists’ (since Jung thinks they are threatening his ‘fashionista’ position) and the worst 3 were disclosed.

When Jung Hyung Don revealed the ranking , he said, ‘GD,G-Dragon, Jiyong, Kwon Ji Yong, Big Bang’ Therefore, we can see he regards Big Bang’s G-Dragon as his biggest rival in the field of fashion.

He elaborated, ‘now I have to end this debate with G-Dragon’ He also said he had tried phoning G-Dragon about this.

The netizens commented, ‘I really wonder how G-Dragon manages to bring out such images’ and ‘I have voted for Jung Hyung Dong. G-Dragon, have you seen this?’ etc.

Besides G-Dragon,in the same programme, the comedian was also calling 2PM’s Jun Ho, Beast’s Doo Jun together with  Lizzy and Jung Ah of After School.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com


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