[News]Bang Yong Guk earns attention for being the ’second T.O.P.’

Rapper Bang Yong Guk, who many are now familiar with thanks to his featuring on Song Ji Eun’s “Going Crazy“, has become a hot topic because of his label as ‘the second T.O.P.‘!


On August 3rd, major portals like Naver, Daum, and YouTube shared a fan-made parody of the hit music show, ‘I Am a Singer’, but with an idol twist!


Titled ‘I Am a Rapper (Idol Ver.)’, the video features a compilation of rap clips by Big Bang’s T.O.P., Bang Yong Guk, SHINee’s MinhoB2ST’s Junhyung2PM’s Taecyeon, and MBLAQ’s Mir.


Although the video boasted a bevy of top stars, it was Bang Yong Guk who snagged everyone’s attention. He’s yet to make his official debut, but Bang Yong Guk’s deep and husky voice attracted high levels of interest and admiration from netizens.


They commented,  “T.O.P. and Bang Yong Guk have a similar voice”, “He’s such a cutie but his voice is husky.. total reversal”, and “I’m looking forward to his duet with B2ST’s Yoseob now.”


Bang Yong Guk will be releasing his first single, “I Remember“, with Yoseob on August 12th.



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