[News]Fans Donate 20 Million Won ($20,000), Flo Rida Sends Special Message for G-Dragon’s 23rd Birthday

G-Dragon’s fans donated 20 million won, or roughly $20,000 USD, to a childcare hospital in Seoul on August 18th for the star singer’s 23rd birthday. The fan site, “Kwon Ji Yong’s Supporters,” said, “To celebrate G-Dragon’s 23rd birthday, we donated 12 million won ($12,000) for children suffering from rare diseases, and 8 million won ($8,000) to kids fighting heart diseases and hydrocephalus.”

“Since G-Dragon has already stated that he would not accept any birthday gifts, we are instead going to increase our donation efforts and raise awareness for the needy children, as we believe that’s what G-Dragon meant to say,” the fan site added.

U.S. rapper Flo Rida has also sent a special congratulatory message on his Twitter page, saying, “GD, Happy Birthday!” The two were involved in a plagiarism controversy last year after G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” was suspected of copying Flo Rida’s hit single, “Right Round.”

Fans were surprised to see Flo Rida’s message as they commented, “This should end all plagiarism allegations,” and “GD’s personal connections are quite impressive.”

c; soompi


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