[News]Sandara Park posts a D-3 Nolza shot

2NE1’s eclectic Sandara Park reveals her excitement as they prepare for their solo concert, NOLZA.


On August 23rd, Sandara Park posted on her me2day, “Currently on my way to the gymnasium for practice. Only 2 days left until the concert, hopefully, I’m not dreaming. The audience is going to be 100% full of people who are there for us, and our music. I wonder what that feels like? Others explained that you absorb the static energy from the crowd. I’m already overwhelmed,” along with the picture above.


In the picture, Sandara is sticking her tongue out slightly while posing comically towards the camera.


Fans commented, “I bought the ticket already, I can’t wait“, “I’m jealous of the people who are going“, “I hope you get your energy charged from the concert“.


2NE1 will hold their first ever solo concert, 2 years after their debut, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on August 26th and 28th.


Source & Photo: Star News via Nate



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