[News]2NE1 invites 30 low-income children to their ‘NOLZA’ concert

2NE1 impressed netizens with their compassion after it was revealed that the girls reserved free seats for 30 children from low-income, multi-cultural families for their first concert, ‘NOLZA‘.

The 30 children are from the ‘Holt Welfare program’, an organization that received $100,000 USD in donations from YG Entertainment to support 100 children earlier this year. The agency is known for their charity work, as they previously donated 10 cents per album sold (1% of their digital profit), and $1 from each concert ticket sold through their ‘YG WITH‘ campaign.

One child happily commented, “I’ve always loved 2NE1 so I’m glad that I received an opportunity I never could even dream of.” The members themselves added, “I hope that we can provide strength through our concert for the children who are working hard to live life day to day.”

‘NOLZA’ will open on August 26th and run through the 28th at the Olympic Hall.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver


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