[News]Park Myung Soo at 2NE1’s NOLZA concert, wishes to become close to Park Bom and G-Dragon

Park Myung Soo at 2NE1’s NOLZA concert, wishes to become close to Park Bom and G-Dragon

Park Myung Soo said that although the song “I Had An Affair” is known to others through “Infinite Challenge”, but to him it’s a wonderful memory if him getting to know G-Dragon and Park Bom. He wants to specially thank G-Dragon. Although they had not contact one another after Infinite Challenge, but even so he wishes to become closer with them.

G-Dragon jokingly said, “Because of Infinite Challenge, Park Bom and I have been watching out recently. We’ve been certified as Infinite Challenge’s fans, and Park Myung Soo is our warrior, but we also have to support ourselves” (He’s saying that if you worked with Park Myung Soo, you will get popular.) which cause everybody to laugh. After his short talk, Park Myung Soo performed his own song entitled “To Fool From Fool” to congratulate 2NE1 for having their 1st concert since their debut.

From another article:

Park Myung Soo said, “It has been awhile since I met GD and Park Bom again after our performance for IC. I’m very glad. G-Dragon and I haven’t been in touch after the program but it would be good if I can keep the friendship with him. Thanks to G-Dragon again.”

G-Dragon said, “I have been watching 2NE1 closely ever since we were young and I’m so glad to be invited to their concert. I am just so amazed by their stage that I forget that I have to come out and perform too.”

Park Myung Soo added, “Now it’s summer and when it’s winter, I will ask G-Dragon and Bom to perform with me once again.”


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