[News]2NE1=2&1? Park MyungSoo + G-Dragon + Park Go Eun’s Eye-Catching Stages with Park Bom

Park Bom, CL, Sandara Park & Gong Minji‘s 1st Solo Concert was dubbed as ”too overwhelming” with the 2 & 1 bonus stages.

In the last few days from the 26th August to 28th, hot girl group 2NE1 held their 1st Solo Concert at Olympic Park in Seoul. It was effortless, especially the standing ”main seats” filled with over 5000 people, a blessed audience indeed. Everyone enjoyed, and their ears and eyes tweaked with the special guests 2NE1′s first individual concert had. With Team GG & Park Bom‘s very own Cellist sister, Park Go Eun the concert became even more hotter.

For Park Bom’s solo stage, Park Go Eun opened up playing a beautiful intro for Park Bom’s You & I stage marking it as her own little solo stage. Bom later on joined the stage with her first solo song ”You & I” playing where Park Go Eun added a beautiful cello melody. On the background, pictures we’re shown of the Park Sisters, making it a memoreable stage for the both of them and fans who gave a big applause for the beautiful collab.

In 1996, Park Go Eun was 16 yr-old when she entered in Austria, Vienna State Conservatory School and became the youngest in 2000, graduating from the best. In 2002, she completed the National Graduate School of Music in Vienna. Playing Cello since she was young, she won numerous competitions ranking first in all of them. Park Bom was very glad her sister joined her for a collab and expressed her feelings by saying ‘‘Park Go Eun Jjang!”

The Park Sister’s stage was soon followed by an overwhelming stage, from start to ending, Team GG’s ”I Cheated” performance with Park Bom joining them, heating the stage up even more. Team GG is well known since last July’s MBC’s Infinity Challenge West Coast Highway Festival where G-Dragon & Park MyungSoo formed a team and created ”I Cheated” with Park Bom featured in it, who showcased it very well on the mini-concert. G-Dragon and Park Bom from the same company featured on the same day to bond the joint stage, which was inevitable. Moreover ”I Cheated” stayed no.1 on all of the popular charts, getting heated response from the fans.

Park MyungSoo showed his humor side once again at the Concert when the performance ended. ‘‘I want to perform with G-Dragon and Park Bom once more in the Winter” ‘‘I have to live too” making the crowd cheer and burst into laughter. Ofcourse G-Dragon joined it and joked too making the crowd cheer and go wild.

Meanwhile Park MyungSoo performed his hit single ”To Fool A Fool” on the same day making the crowd enjoy the concert even more.


Source: NATE


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