[Teaser]2NE1′s Dara reveals photo teaser for Japanese “Lonely” MV

On September 11th, 2NE1‘s Dara uploaded a surprise spoiler for Blackjacks on her Me2day!


Dara shared a picture of herself surrounded by black umbrellas in the rain. She wrote, “Chuseok special spoiler! Bbabam! Japanese Blackjacks, look here! +.+ This is the birth of the most beautiful and loneliest music video out of all 2NE1 music videos!! Bbabam!”


She continued, “Who’s the girl inside the umbrella that must wait a year? keke Ah.. This is a secret so I can’t show anyone, but I’ll let our Me2day friends take a look! ^^;; Hirotibochi! Shibashii!!!!! T_T kekeke.”


Excited fans commented back, “It looks like Dara!”, “I love music videos with this type of feel. Totally looking forward to it!”, “2NE1 is always so daebak!” and “Dalong is always spoiling 2NE1 !♥”


Source + Photos: Dara’s Official Me2day



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